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Gospel Plan of Salvation

Hear - Rom. 10:17

Believe - Mark 16:15,16

Repent - Luke 17:3

Confess - Rom. 10:10

Be baptized - Acts 2:38

Live faithfully - Titus 2:12

“If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God...” (I Peter 4:11) Mt. Vernon Church of Christ A NEW AND  DANGEROUS PHILOSOPHY

America is shaking and tottering on its foundation.  The words patriotism, loyalty, honesty, work, truth and sacrifice have been all but removed from our vocabulary.  Terms such as “a man's word is his bond,” “an honest day's work for an honest day's pay,” “honesty is the best policy” are not any longer part and principle of our philosophy.  The “old way” must go--regardless.  

There is a planned program of destruction abroad in our land and throughout the world.  This planned program is designed to destroy existing standards of morality, religion and politics. Anarchy is the end--if there can be such a thing as anarchy in a pure form. It is difficult to identify and label the many social, religious and political “movements” of our day!  Are they related, does one grow out of the other?  All these movements begin to be understood and their relationship to one another is clearly seen when they are identified by the word--LIBERALISM.

The philosophy of Liberalism is to shake and destroy the foundation of any and all systems; to overthrow the existing order of things. Liberalism assumes that whatever is, is wrong and must be changed or destroyed.  Liberalism refuses to recognize a standard of authority.  It will not approve those principles which have been tested by time and experience.  The Liberal has inherited a nation built on the principles of godliness; washed in the tears and blood of its children.  Liberalism seeks to make a junkyard out of the richest culture and grandest civilization ever known to man.  What do they offer in its place?

In the social realm liberalism offers chaos, crime and confusion.  They seek a society which knows no law of right and wrong, no restraint and a so-called freedom from all moral and social obligations.  In this society the rapist, murderer, dope addict and incorrigible criminal have a free and protected intercourse with the world.  America has produced its first generation of young adults who have come to physical maturity without the benefit and blessing of social discipline.  They offer nothing to the soundness and progress of a great nation.

The Liberal has made his impression in the political functions of our land.  His influence is recognized in civil courts which freely pardon, or reverse convictions from lower courts, known, confessed and active criminals. Law enforcement agencies find it more and more difficult to arrest and convict the criminal.  His political policy is to take from man his spirit of initiative and aggressiveness and reduce him to serfdom in a welfare state directed by governmental bureaucracy and sociological controls. The Liberal seeks to organize man into faceless society where he loses all individual identity and purpose.  

The Liberal has especially been active in the religious affairs of our nation.  His influences affect the religious aspects of our world long before they are noticed in the social and political areas. With the turn of the twentieth century, the tide of Liberalism had begun to lap at the fundamentals of truth.  In this century Protestantism has ceased to protest error, complacency has replaced consecration and religious morons now stand where Bible scholars once stood.  The Liberal regards the Bible as a book of myths and folly which is the leftover product of man’s emergence from his evolutionary development.  The ideas of Barth, Tillich, Brunner, and Bultman are advanced over the inspired revelations of Peter, Paul, Jude and others who spoke the wisdom of God.  The “man of the cloth" is recoqnized by his participation in "sit-ins" for social equality and for his far-out, brother doctrine of the social gospel.

There is yet to be found the America of our fathers in our godliness.  They even are in the majority.  The Liberal is of a minority--but he is loud, mean and ruthless.  How long!  O' how long will America tolerate the shame, sin and destruction which is changing it from its former grand position of "one nation under God, indivisible,” to a nation of lawlessness, chaos and tyranny under the black and shameful banner of the new philosophy of Liberalism and anarchy?

Max R. Miller,  Defender, February 16, 1970

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