Mt. Vernon Church of Christ


Sunday A. M. Bible Study - 9:30

Sunday A. M. Worship - 10:30

Sunday P. M. Worship - 5:00

Wednesday Evening Bible Study - 6:00


700 Mill Street

Mt. Vernon, Indiana  47620


(812) 838-2635


Gospel Plan of Salvation

Hear - Rom. 10:17

Believe - Mark 16:15,16

Repent - Luke 17:3

Confess - Rom. 10:10

Be baptized - Acts 2:38

Live faithfully - Titus 2:12

“If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God...” (I Peter 4:11) Mt. Vernon Church of Christ Articles

Whatever Happened To Sin? - Richard Carlson

Whatever Happened To Sin 2 - Richard Carlson

Uniqueness of the Church of Christ - William S. Cline

Names and Titles of Christ I  - C. R. Nichol

Names and Titles of Christ II - C. R. Nichol

Names and Titles of Christ III - C. R. Nichol

Names and Titles of Christ IV - C. R. Nichol

A Message of Woe - W. Wayne Coats

Excuses, Excuses - Author Unknown

The Heathen Really Are Lost - Pat McGee

The Passing of a Generation - Carl B. Garner

“Reactionary Religion” - Bill Jackson

The Bible Is God’s Word - Thomas B. Warren

An Often Disregarded Requirement for a Strong Church - Garland Elkins

Denominations Wear Unscriptural Names - Andrew Connally

Do You Believe?  - Eric L. Padgett

Helpful Hints for Effective Bible Study - John Hurt

Broken Cisterns - Frank Chesser

Does The Holy Spirit Keep You From Sin? - Clay Browne

Restorationists’ Victory Over Handicapped - Dabney Phillips

From This Life To Heaven - Shan Jackson

Where Are the Watchmen? - Glen B. Ramsey

Emphasize Preaching - B. C. Goodpasture

Going Down Into Egypt For Help - W. Douglas Harris

The Nails of the Cross - G. K. Wallace

Executive Authority of Elders - Gilbert Gough

“Do Faithfully Whatsoever You Do”  Dean Fugett

The Value of One - selected

Questions That Should Be Answered - Gospel Advocate

The Church is Undenominational - Thomas B. Warren

How Did You Like The Sermon? - Homer Putnam Reeves

Earth’s Last and Greatest Adventure - Guy N. Woods

Children’s Church – An Unauthorized Practice - D. Broking

Restoration Success - Dabney Phillips

Silence of the Scriptures - Charles W. Leonard

Is The Church A Denominations? - H. A. (Buster) Dobbs

Blessed Assurance - Gary Colley

The Bible and Flying Saucers - Wayne Jackson

The Most Wicked People In The Bible - ELP

Don’t Pull Your Punches - ELP

So I Said To The Judge… - Jack H. Williams

Why Don’t You Celebrate Christmas? - Guy N. Woods

The Bible Says It–I Believe It - Frank Starling

When God Does Not Speak - Keith Mosher, Sr.

Human Creeds Cannot Be Defended - Benjamin Franklin

Who Is A Radical? - Roy J. Hearn

Things Impossible - Gary Colley

The Revelation of Christ - Foy E. Wallace, Jr.

A Relevant Church - G. K. Wallace

Christians: By Conviction or Convenience? - Homer Hailey

Things For Which We Are Thankful - F. W. Mattox

Worship Service Decorum - J. Oxendine

Maxims For Teachers - H. Leo Boles

Do We Know God? - Carl G. Hecker

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