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The first part of this discussion is found here.

B. S. Ferguson: Your question is what makes no sense to anyone else....

Eric L. Padgett - B. S. Ferguson: O.k., Becky, tell me precisely where the questions make no sense. Be specific. Help me out of my ignorance here.

B. S. Ferguson: YOUR QUESTION: Mr. Campbell, if the Word of God's specificity ruled out all of man's innovations, then why doesn't everyone already believe Jesus is the Christ?

THERE is ZERO correlation OR causation between whether or not God specifically ruled out man's "innovations" (whatever you mean by that!?).....and your question...'why doesn't everyone already believe Jesus is the Christ?


Spefically why? Because no one can understand what you mean by the question! What do you mean? There is NO logic in the question nor anything

Eric L. Padgett: B., do you agree with Campbell that if the Bible was specific on an issue, then there would be no disagreement among people regarding that issue?

B. S. Ferguson: Yes....well....not really "NO" disagreement because I think some are going to disagree with everything...but generally YES.

There IS NO disagreement about Jesus being the Christ. There is unbelief by some...but among believers NO DISAGREEMENT.

B. S. Ferguson: God LOVES musical intruments (sic) and dancing and He is the same yesterday today and forever!

D. Campbell: Eric L. Padgett first of all, I guess you "inferred" that because I didn't Say it.

Second, I was being sarcastic.

B. S. Ferguson: I recognized that and cannot IMAGINE anyone else NOT recognizing it.

D. Campbell: B. S. Ferguson I still can't tell what point he is trying to make. This whole post was supposed to be funny.

Eric L. Padgett: Oh, but there is disagreement about the divinity of Christ among those who call themselves Christians. There are some who do not believe He is divine. Some believe He is merely human. There are different views about His divinity. Just do a search on it. Was Jesus the Logos from eternity? Was He the Son from eternity? Is He a man now in heaven? Is He subject to the Father? Is He fully God? But if you think that disagreement means the Bible is not clear, then you must believe that the divinity of Jesus is not clear in the Bible.

B. S. Ferguson: Eric L. Padgett where are you going with that? I KNEW I should not have added any words to your alread (sic) incomprehensible ones.

D. Campbell: Eric L. Padgett brother. Perhaps you should start a new post if you'd like to discuss this. I don't see how it has anything to do with this one.

Eric L. Padgett - D. Campbell: Mr. Campbell, do you believe that because people disagree on an issue that means the Bible must not be clear on it? Is this your view? is this what you meant when you wrote: "Well. I just can't go to bed until I know the answer. I mean, the bible is so specific on how we are commanded to worship in the worship service. You know, in the formal worship assembly? The one in the auditorium. I mean, I figure their ok in the bible class room and in the fellowship hall because the bible isn't specific on those and pretty much anything goes in those rooms." T F If people disagree on an issue then the Bible must not be clear on that issue.

D. Campbell - Eric L. Padgett: ummmmmm. Actually since I said that sarcastically I was actually communicating that the bible actually isn't specific on that concept. Actually it isn't specific about a lot of things. Like banana pudding and chocolate cake or filet mignon for that matter.

B. S. Ferguson - Eric L. Padgett: WHAT do you NOT understand about sarcasm and JOKING???????

Eric L. Padgett - D. Campbell: I like this one fine. I just wish someone here had the courage to answer a few simple true/false questions. That's all. I mean, you may not like what I am saying, I get that, but in all honesty shouldn't you deal with an opposing viewpoint or is only conformity allowed here in this "open-minded" "open discussion"?

B. S. Ferguson: Good grief! You don't understand anything that has been said to you and just keep on saying incomprehensible things and demanding things that don't exist!!!???

Eric L. Padgett - D. Campbell: Is "sing" specific? T F When I say "sing" I am commanding you to play a guitar and blow on a harmonica and whistle.

B. S. Ferguson: NO...sing is NOT specific.

B. S. Ferguson: Did Elvis sing? Do the Gaithers SING?

Eric L. Padgett - B. S. Ferguson: Becky, Becky. Yes, and they also played instruments. I would love to see which dictionary you use. I take that back, no I wouldn't, really. I am afraid I wouldn't understand it. In that dictionary "sing" means "blow on a harmonica." Furthermore, in the church, since all are commanded to sing, we would all have to blow on a harmonica. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

D. Campbell - Eric L. Padgett:  actually I no longer care about the IM debate. It is completely irrelevant. I don't believe christians (sic) should waste even a single second debating it. It is akin to debating over what the best car manufacturer is.

Eric L. Padgett - David Campbell: Then why on earth did you post the question? Why is it you no longer care now? I am going to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow and I just want to leave these questions once more because maybe someone has the intellectual curiosity to address the questions and see if it involves them in some kind of logical bind. And if it does, then maybe someone will think about their position. I hope and pray. See you tomorrow!

D. Campbell - B. S. Ferguson: yeah. It's Chevrolet! Lol!!!!!

(To Be Continued…)

A Discussion On The Instrument  (Part Two)
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