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Folks, the inmates are running the asylum!  And it's high time decent, normal people, if any remain on this earth, stand up against this perverted attack on our society and let your voices be heard!   Speak out against the lunacy that is being advocated and foisted upon our society!

The latest attack on decency is the Evansville-Vanderburgh Public Library's "Drag Queen Story Hour" scheduled the 23rd of February 2019.  Yes you heard right - a "Drag Queen Story Hour" - and it is deliberately aimed at children up to the age of 11 years old!

The purpose is to "educate" (indoctrinate is the word) the youth in our community about "diversity" and tolerance.  In fact, the real motive behind this movement, as with others like it, is the destroy the fabric of our society, the home, and the institution of marriage (well, that one's already gone).

Some may retort that my response is a fallacious slippery slope argument which disparages an innocent good will gesture to bring "diverse" people together and really does nothing detrimental to our society.  But who would have thought just five years ago that men would be "marrying" men; women "marrying" women; humans "marrying" animals.  So then, what is marriage?  If it can mean anything, then it means nothing!  No, there is no fallacious slippery slope here at all.  It is a perversion of reality by "people" who have no shame and do not have the good sense to look down at themselves to determine whether they are male or female!  At the risk of being vulgar (if  "vulgar" has any meaning now days with the so-called "free speech" permitted in public and on the air) a quick refresher course: "in" is female; "out" is male.


I agree with Justin Elpers' assessment that the "Drag Queen Story Hour" is "reprehensible."  Jon Webb, however, appeals to "science" (his bastion of authority) citing a study by a Penn State sociologist to argue the "Drag Queen Story Hour" would accomplish the goal of diversity and inclusiveness to which Elpers explains could be accomplished in a better way.  Here I disagree with Elpers.  I will not repeat Webb's argument, you can read that yourself.  Nor will I charge Mr. Webb with an appeal to false authority (argumentum ad verecundiam) because what he says has validity.  If one associates with thieves long enough, more likely than not he/she will not only be accepting of that lifestyle, but engage in it themselves.  In like manner, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, drunks, drug pushers/users, etc.  So in his attempt to discredit Elpers, Webb unwittingly "scientifically" validates the highest Authority: "Be not deceived: evil communications (Grk: homilia -companionship) corrupt good manners (Grk: ethos or morals) (I Corinth 15:33)."  A precept decent people still practice.

Those who advocate, endorse, and support such activities as "Drag Queen Story Hour" and publicly display themselves in such a fashion, have either psychological problems or no morals.  Most likely, both.   In fact they have an ulterior motive.  Their militant, predatory attitude toward others is but a tactic to disrupt our culture and destroy the moral fabric of society.   It is not enough that they claim to be what they are not (a male claiming to be a female and vice-versa).  No, they want to rub our noses in it, shove it in our faces and demand we accept the falsehood (or lie, if  you prefer) or risk being ridiculed for not being "tolerant," "accepting," or believe in "equality."

Rubbish.  If they truly believed what they preached, then they would be advocating for the rights of murderers, rapists, pedophiles, thieves, drunks, drug lords, etc.?  Where are their rights?  Are they not also merely exercising their freedom to practice their beliefs and lifestyle choice?   Why not let them freely practice their chosen professions and lifestyles?  Be careful now, if you object to them practicing their desires, you are a hypocrite.  Do they not have the right to "equality" in society and ought we not be "tolerant" of their decisions and be "accepting" of their chosen way of life?   If not why not?  Where is the liberal who can coherently expound the principles whereby these things ought not so to be!  No liberal can for two reasons: First, they cannot object because it fits their paradigm of society - it helps to decay and destroy the fabric of our society so that chaos may abound, which is their ultimate goal. Second, liberals oppose the ideal of absolutes - right and wrong, truth or falsehood.  They cannot object to my theses above because to them, no one view, opinion, decision, position or lifestyle can be construed as being superior or inferior to another.  To admit such would destroy the very foundation upon which their world-view rests.

In closing, I wonder if the Evansville-Vanderburgh Public Library has any plans soon of inviting murderers, rapists, pedophiles, thieves, drunks, drug lords, etc., into their facilities for readings from them?  If they are "tolerant,", "accepting," and believe in "equality" then they would.  Will they have on the venue: 101 ways to murder your neighbor;" or perhaps "The joy of rape," or maybe, "getting ahead by robbing others blind."  Interesting subjects, don't you think?  Would these not help"educate" the public to better understanding these former societal rejects and help us all to "embrace" and "accept" them whilst they live amongst us?

Or better yet, do you think the Evansville-Vanderburgh Public Library would be "tolerant" and "loving" enough to invite a Christian preacher in their midst and allow him to use Scripture to expound upon the evils and sinful nature of such lifestyles and the harm they do to individuals and society as a whole?

It ain't gonna happen, folks.  And that tells you the whole story about liberal "tolerance, acceptance, and equality."

Keith Padgett

Evansville, Indiana

Given Over To A Reprobate Mind