Mt. Vernon Church of Christ


Sunday A. M. Bible Study - 9:30

Sunday A. M. Worship - 10:30

Sunday P. M. Worship - 5:00

Wednesday Evening Bible Study - 6:00


700 Mill Street

Mt. Vernon, Indiana  47620


(812) 838-2635


Gospel Plan of Salvation

Hear - Rom. 10:17

Believe - Mark 16:15,16

Repent - Luke 17:3

Confess - Rom. 10:10

Be baptized - Acts 2:38

Live faithfully - Titus 2:12

“If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God...” (I Peter 4:11) Mt. Vernon Church of Christ

Once upon a time a man decided to sneak into his neighbor’s fields and steal some wheat. “If I take just a little from each field, no one will notice,” he told himself, “but it will add up to a nice pile of wheat for me.” So he waited for the darkest of night, when thick clouds lay over the moon, he crept out of his house. He took his youngest daughter with him.

“Daughter,” he whispered, “you must stand guard, and call out if anyone sees me.”

The man stole into the first field to begin reaping, and before long the child called out, “Father, someone sees you!”

The man looked all around, but he saw no one, so he gathered his stolen wheat and moved on to the second field.

“Father, someone sees you!” the child cried again.

The man stopped and looked all around, but once again he saw no one. He gathered more wheat, and moved to a third field.

A little while passed and the daughter cried out, “Father, someone sees you!”

Once more the man stopped his work and looked in every direction, but he saw no one at all, so he bundled his wheat and crept into the last field.

“Father, someone sees you!” the child called again.

The man stopped his reaping, looked all around, and once again saw no one. “Why in the world do you keep saying someone sees me?” he angrily asked his daughter. “I’ve looked everywhere and I don’t see anyone.”

“Father,” murmured the child, “Someone sees you from above.”

Bill Bennet, The Book of Virtues, p. 604

Someone Sees You
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