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Paul prayed for the Ephesian brethren that they might be strengthened, that Christ might dwell in their hearts through faith, that they might be rooted and grounded in love (Eph. 3:16-17). To the extent that they failed to measure up to their potentiality, they were living beneath their privileges.

Adam and Eve, because of sin, lost the privileges that had been theirs in Eden. The people who failed to heed the message of Noah lived beneath the privileges they could have experienced. Moses, in disobedience to God in smiting the rock, forfeited the blessings which would otherwise have been his. The Lord wanted to bless Jerusalem, but Jerusalem would not respond to His invitation. The Lord said, “I would...but you would not” (Matt. 23:37). The prodigal son, while away from his father’s house, was living far beneath the privileges that could have been his. We must be exceedingly careful lest we---like others---live beneath our privileges.

God wants to bestow upon every sinful individual the blessing of forgiveness of sins, but He cannot unless and until that individual will be baptized for remission of sins. He wants to bestow upon all the marvelous spiritual blessings, but He bestows them only upon those who enter the Christ where the spiritual blessings are. He wants to give continual cleansing from sin, but He cannot unless we are determined to walk in the light (I John 1:7). God wants Christ to dwell in our hearts through faith, but Christ cannot dwell in our hearts unless we study the word to have and to increase our faith. He wants to restore the erring to fellowship, but He cannot unless the erring will confess his wrong and genuinely repent of it. God wants to give us wonderful material blessings, but He cannot do so unless we seek first the Kingdom of God. He wants us to have eternal life with Him when the affairs of this life are over, but He cannot grant us life eternal with Him unless we live righteously and godly in this present world.

Roy Deaver, The Beacon, July 30, 1987

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Living Below Our Privileges